Handcrafted Modern Walnut Wishbone Dining Table


Our wishbone table features sculpted legs and a quartersawn walnut top.  The table is meticulously built using unsteamed local lumber from small mills, giving it a rich color and surface quality that can’t be replicated by large-scale sawmills or furniture manufacturers.

The standard table was designed to be compact in its basic state of 56″, seating 6-8 adults.  With the included leaf at 76″ it can comfortably host parties of at least 10 adults.  In its expanded state the table’s geometry remains elegant and balanced.

From head to toe, the table is solid walnut.  You won’t find veneer or cheap hardware anywhere on this table.  Each one is built to be durable, serviceable, and capable of withstanding many, many generations of enjoyment. The top and legs are removable for moving, shipping, or storage.  We use an extremely safe, non-VOC natural oil finishing process that results in countertop-level durability that can hold up to a surprising amount of abuse.  In the event of inevitable scratches, the finish is easily spot-repaired by the user at home without the need for stripping, etc.  With a table like this, the finish and the hardwood itself will continue to develop richer colors over the years and the surfaces will become more refined as they are burnished by use and re-oiling.

The model displayed in photographs here is made from locally-sourced Black Walnut, however we can produce this table in other species (e.g. White Oak, Elm, Ash, etc).  If there is a particular wood species you’d be interested in seeing this table in, let us know.

We currently are projecting about a 3 to 6-month delivery window for new table orders.  We are happy to crate and ship furniture to customers worldwide.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this table or our other works.

Price does not include freight shipping.  Please contact us for a shipping quote.


Handcrafted Modern Walnut Wishbone Dining Table


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