Handcrafted Modern Walnut Wishbone Dining Table


These sculpted wishbone legs are like a song I can’t get out of my head.  For years, I’ve come back to the design again and again.  I found an old dining table with legs like these at an auction in San Francisco years ago.  It was made out of junk wood with grain painted on and cost me quite a few paychecks to procure.  For years I’ve played with the idea of hand-selecting figured Wisconsin hardwoods to construct a more thoughtful presentation of this silhouette.  Over the winter, this intention finally bore fruit…  I am proud to present our signature Walnut Wishbone Dining Table.

The standard table was designed to be compact in its basic state of 56″, seating 6-8 adults.  With the included leaf at 76″ it can comfortably host parties of at least 10 adults.  In its expanded state the table’s geometry remains elegant and balanced.

From head to toe, the table is solid walnut.  You won’t find veneer or cheap parts anywhere on this table.  Each one is built to be a true modern heirloom, lovingly hand-worked and finished to be durable, breathable, serviceable, and capable of withstanding many, many generations of enjoyment. The top and legs are removable for moving, shipping, or storage.

These tables are built with a great deal of care, requiring 2-3 weeks from start to finish.  The model displayed in photographs here is made from locally-sourced Black Walnut, however we can produce this table in Elm, Sycamore, Ash, Spalted Maple and others.  If there is a particular wood species you’d be interested in seeing this table in, let us know.  The first of these, I’m typing on now from my dining room as I write this post…  it’s really pretty.  I plan to do a line of matching chairs in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Depending on the amount of orders we are concurrently running in our studio, expect a delivery time of 1-3 months after your order is placed.  If you have any questions about ETA prior to ordering, please feel free to send us a message  The tables can be disassembled with stainless steel allen screws and ship very well.

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Handcrafted Modern Walnut Wishbone Dining Table


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