Apprenticeship Program

Snacks is currently developing a paid apprenticeship program to offer young people in the Milwaukee Area an experience to  learn from the many facets of our work.  Dependent on the interests of the individual, the program may touch on stages of research, design, and production (woodworking, assembly, and more!).  In addition, opportunities will exist to train in photography, advertising, social media, and fulfillment.  An apprentice will have the opportunity to visit the studios and workshops of inspiring makers and community spaces in the Milwaukee area as well as to museums and marketplaces in larger cities.  We hope that some of our apprentices may grow to be full-time employees or go on to develop their own businesses in the future.

In addition to developing these valuable external skills, we believe that the daily work in our studio offers many opportunities to learn wisdom and inner balance essential to a meaningful life.   We start each day with a 30 minute paid meditation period (secular) prior to our work together.  At times when production becomes rote, we’ll listen to inspiring histories in the shop together while we work.

We intend to announce applications to our first apprenticeship opportunity in November, 2018 for the following year.  Please feel free to contact Ben Sherwyn at with any questions.

Thanks for your support and encouragement!