Servo Motor For Chainstitch Machines


My favorite servo motor for the Singer 114w103 and Cornely type embroidery machines!  Excellent speed control and power to create the best embroidered art on any material.  Adjusts well for nearly all table setups.  I use it on all of my machines in the shop…  Worth every penny!





An excellent motor for Singer 114w103 and Cornely type embroidery machines.  The Consew CSM1000 has the perfect combination of speed, control and power to produce artwork on the thickest materials that our machines can sew through (denim, leather, thick scrim felt, etc).  Fits to the bolt pattern of most vintage tables that were drilled for clutch motors.  I’ve recently made the switch to using these and my experience has been flawless, even in thick materials.  I can’t notice any difference between much higher-priced alternatives in the marketplace…  Also includes great support from Consew’s offices in the USA.



The CSM1000 is a 3/4 HP (550 Watt) Brushless Servo Motor.  Energy Efficient – Saves up to 70% Electricity.  Speed: 0–4,200 RPM.

  • 110V/120V 550W Power
  • More torque than conventional clutch or servo motors
  • Digital speed control
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise directions
  • Instruction manual with speed settings included
  • No Noise when machine is not running
  • No Noise when machine is not running
  • No Vibration when machine is not running
  • Draws Minimal Electricity when machine is not running
  • Uses the same mounting holes as a clutch motor
  • Easy to adjust speed & motor direction with buttons
  • No clutch disc
  • Adjustable belt tightener
  • Belt guard, pulley & mounting hardware included
  • Light weight Approx. 10 – 12 lbs (5 kgs)
  • Starts-up at low speed
  • Works well on heavy duty machines



Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 8 in


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