SNACKS designs and handcrafts playful home goods and lighting objects in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Sculpted Wishbone Legs on Handcrafted Modern Black Walnut Dining Table

For Hovercraft 2019, I would like to bring a fresh selection of home goods, lighting, meditation cushions, and handmade wooden jewelry objects.  Since much of my yearly business is made in my little Bayview studio and shipped, Hovercraft has become a fun annual coming out party for me to show my work and create some special pieces to engage the Milwaukee community.  I hope you’ll consider me for the 2019 show!   Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.  Best wishes, Ben Sherwyn

Constantin Brancusi's art studio as inspiration for wooden jewelry for the 2019 Hovercraft show.
Inspiration for turned, nested plates and bowls for the 2019 Hovercraft.

For inquiries, please contact me at